A music education is not truly fulfilled without the immersion of a student in his or her musical community.

At CYM, providing our families direct access to opportunities for learning, performing, and experiencing music is essential to developing well-rounded and inspired musicianship. Students at every age are invited to tap in to their inner artist, performer, critic, and audience member, providing invaluable context to their perspective as growing musicians and as people.

Participating in workshops and activities outside of a regular class and lesson routine during the school year affords students and their families a chance to enrich their relationship with both music and engage in the wonderful cultural offerings available in our Pittsburgh Region.

We achieve this goal by offering the CYM Workshops and Activities Program to every CYM student and family.

  • Each CYM students’ first activity, workshop, or field trip participation is included in their annual, one-time Workshop and Activities fee of $55.
  • Non-members of CYM are welcome to opt-in to the this program for a one-time $75 fee (purchase here). This covers:
    One family admittance to a workshop OR the equivalent of one ticket in admittance to a ticketed field trip.
    – And –
    Allows access to families of those enrolled to purchase additional discounted tickets to field trips and ticketed events events during the 2016-2017 School Year.
  • Special pricing is available for CYM family and friends who would like to purchase additional tickets and admission to workshops.


JOIN the workshops + activities program

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