“Music exists for the purpose of growing an admirable heart.”
- Shinichi Suzuki

The Good Citizen Award recognizes the efforts of CYM’s student musicians who demonstrate consistent growth in musical skill and technique, and who also to contribute good will to the CYM and extended community.

Students who are eligible for the Good Citizen Award are fully enrolled at CYM, and in good standing and in grades 4-12. The following criteria must be met within a one year time period:

Perform at 2 group events or concerts serving the CYM Community:
 Fiddlesticks Performance
 SLB Radio
 Workshop participant
 Special guest at a CYM Camp or Class demonstration
 Perform at an outreach event or Open House

Perform at 2 event serving as Community Service outside of CYM:
 Perform at a retirement, nursing, or assisted living facility
 Perform in a hospital lobby or common area
 Perform for an “in need” audience
 Other

PDF Forms for the good citizen award may be downloaded here: