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Music Education for Children 2-18

Immersion into the world of music in the formative years changes a life forever. With starting points for children at every level, CYM students have all the tools they need to find their voice and begin their life-long journey in the joy of making and sharing music.

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Time Wave

Music flows like a wave through our collective and individual histories. “Catch your wave” and join us as an Adult Student at CYM and continue your journey in musicianship.

The Time Wave program features individual lessons for adults age 18 and up!

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“The great advantage to CYM is starting instruction so young– like learning a language– making it easier for children to become fluent. (Music) becomes ingrained in their lives.”

-Stephanie, mom to Claire, Nolan, and Carson
“As a parent, I often question the choices that I make.  Choosing a quality music education for my kids is the one decision that I haven’t second guessed.  Over the past decade, CYM has become a second home for my family.  We are fortunate to have the opportunity to work closely and frequently with caring, patient, and expert instructors.  My kids are learning about more than music. 

They are learning helpfulness, tenacity, respect, discipline, and concentration.  They are learning how to approach seemingly intractable problems by breaking those problems into smaller, more manageable tasks, a skill that can be applied throughout their lives.”

-Melanie, mom to Julian, Elliott, and Claudia
“We could not be more pleased with our CYM experience thus far.  Our five-year old daughter has thrived in her first year of classical instrumental study with her teacher, both in her weekly private lesson and her group class.  Her father and I have been pleased to see how far she has come musically in a short period of time and how much her focus and determination have improved as a result.  The group class has been a wonderful way for her to meet children of her own age with common perspectives and interests.  We have also found that her musical study is benefitting us as a family.  We are grateful for the togetherness that the lesson and class time provide, the regular practice time together at home, and the sharing of a common musical goal.  Another unexpected benefit?  Our three-year old has started to pick up the various twinkles (beginning melodies) and can’t wait to choose an instrument of her own!  We look forward to getting her started in CYM’s Early Childhood Music program in September.  We appreciate the approachability of the CYM faculty and staff, the way in which the school provides a fun and secure learning environment, and the thought given to preparing the children for performance in a comfortable and calm way.” - Sarah and family