Register for the Fiddling Workshop


Workshop with Ms. Ashley Freeburn at CYM Sewickley July 12

For violinists ages 7+ who have graduated Twinkles and can echo improvised rhythms. 

Saturday, July 12 at 6:30pm at CYM Sewickley

Workshop Deadline to register extended to June 28.

$25 workshop tuition or use your W+A admission


This summer we are going to have some fun with the folk cousin of your violin, thefiddle! As a violinist you will find that many fiddling techniques are already part of your repertoire. In this Beginning Fiddling class, we will explore the basics of fiddling technique. We will learn lots of new tunes together, and we will experiment with some tunes you may already know. We will travel around the world to visit fiddle music from different cultures. We will play, practice, and jam together for a summer full of folk music and fun!